Franchise Real Estate

Fransmart interfaces with your real estate team, or makes referrals to industry leading franchise real estate partners when needed. We assist our brands on ideal location models, site analysis standards, competitive lease negotiation tactics, market penetration strategies, and guidelines for site approvals.

Fransmart CEO Dan Rowe authored the article “Great Real Estate...the Gift That Keeps on Giving” in the International Franchise Association’s Franchising World Magazine. He had this to say: “Investing in your [franchise] real estate process is the best strategy for ensuring a company’s success. Great real estate drives enthusiasm, creates credibility and generates “buzz” for the concept. Great real estate is the gift that keeps on giving.”

We also advise franchisors and franchisees to think about marketing from the start of the real estate process. Many restaurant owners only start to think about marketing after they’ve signed a lease, or even worse, after they’ve long been open for business. Thinking about marketing from the beginning of the franchise real estate process will strengthen your shot at long-term success and sustained profitability.

Did you hear the story about the restaurant that opened near Google headquarters? Banking on steady office worker traffic that never appeared, the restaurant soon closed. No level of marketing would draw Google workers away from the gourmet, free fare provided by their employer. As they say - location, location, location. It pays to do your real estate homework.

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