Fast Casual Restaurant Franchises

Fast Casual is the fastest growing, top producing segment of the restaurant industry.

Fast Casual restaurants are positioned between full-service, casual dining restaurants and quick-service, fast food restaurants. Like casual dining chains, Fast Casual restaurants offer high quality food in comfortable, more upscale environments. Like fast food chains, Fast Casual restaurants offer speedy menu options, and delivery is generally self-service. Fast Casual restaurants generally offer price points that are situated between casual dining and fast food. Most industry experts (and customers) agree that Fast Casual formats offer the best of both worlds, filling the void between full service and fast food. (Banner Photo - BONMi: Vietnamese Inspired fast casual)

Since its inception, Fransmart has focused on the fast casual niche in the restaurant industry. In the mid-nineties, Fransmart founder Dan Rowe identified an early fast casual superstar, Qdoba Mexican Grill, when it was just a single unit. Rowe grew the company via franchising to a successful 100-unit chain before it was sold to Jack in the Box for $45 million. Today, Qdoba has over 500 locations. In 2002, Fransmart launched the explosive fast casual “Better Burger” niche, growing Five Guys Burgers and Fries from a local, family run business to the powerhouse chain they are today. Fransmart is the industry leader in identifying fast casual brands that are primed for growth.

Fast casual pulling ahead: The impressive growth of the fast casual segment demonstrates consumers, who are still focused on price, are willing to pay more for foods they consider to be of better quality or healthier.
— Fast Casual Magazine

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